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“Their customer service is really great. We have received major time savings from implementing the Lyceum solution, and look forward to continuing our relationship.”
Ruth E. Carski, CFO
JCC of Greater Washington


payroll success story

The Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington needed a “one-stop shop” for payroll processing.

Lyceum’s OneTouch Payroll™ with Integrated Workflow™ meets their continually changing payroll requirements.

The Issue

The Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington serves a large community of children and adults through multiple programs. Many of these programs are seasonal while others are supplemental, such as after school care or school out days. JCCGW services envelope multiple businesses under one umbrella, all of which require detailed cost allocation and reporting.

The very nature of the programs means they have a large number of employees who float in and among departments, performing different duties, and receiving varying compensation for those duties. By way of example, a salaried graphic designer may also serve as a member and guest services associate, paid hourly, for weekend events. The types of employees also vary from full-time salaried managers to preschool teachers working the school year to part-time personal trainers to part-time summer camp counselors. Of the 500 W-2s recently generated, for example, approximately 150 were for camp counselors who received only two paychecks.

This wide array of employee types also requires varying pay scales. For example, there are a number of session workers who provide various workshops such as cultural arts or swim lessons.

Bottom line – JCCGW needed a single source to handle all their varying payroll needs.

The existing system did not accommodate online access for processes or people. And customization proved cost-prohibitive, leaving JCCGW to process much of their payroll using paper and spreadsheets. The manual processes to verify all the payroll inputs using paper timesheets and spreadsheets took at least 2 days every pay period.

After payroll, the accounting manager spent an additional 8 hours every pay period transferring complex journal entry data into the accounting package. That’s not to mention the time spent compiling 403(b) retirement plan data, or garnishments. JCCGW needed a better solution and through a referral found Lyceum.

The Remedy

Lyceum stepped up to the challenge and tailored a web-based solution allowing all employees – regardless of type – to electronically submit leave requests and time worked. And rather than the employee ‘stating’ their pay rate for that time period, the Lyceum system stored the rates that the pay administrator entered for each job. Now, the supervisor easily approves hours worked and the payroll system takes care of the rest.

With the hours worked and leave taken by employee also in the system, yet another process was eliminated. Accounting and the department heads now had reports of who worked on what job, in what program and at what cost. JCCGW now has an automated solution for employee labor allocation.

Other functions were also automated, including: health and fitness session rates, different accrual formulas for paid time off as well as the 403(b) Pension Upload file formatted for their provider. And, Lyceum provided a General Ledger Export to accommodate the lengthy account numbers needed for JCCGW’s accounting code structure.

The Outcome

With the Lyceum OneTouch Payroll™ with Integrated Workflow™ solution, the entire staff at JCCGW is empowered to handle their own timesheets and leave requests. The payroll administrator now spends only 30% of her time on payroll, the majority of which is spent on-boarding employees, other employee changes, reporting and analysis. The balance of her time is spent on more strategic duties.

JCCGW was able to remove one FTE from payroll processing just from the automation they received with the OneTouch Payroll solution. Plus, accounting now spends approximately 15 to 20 minutes each period importing data into the accounting system, down from the original 8 hours spent on the same task.

Highlights The Lyceum OneTouch Payroll™ solution helps the JCC of Greater Washington:

  • Automate administrative tasks
  • Proactively communicate with employees
  • Focus on strategic tasks: hiring and growth
  • Align rules to the wide variety of staff
  • Make accounting more efficient