Responsive customer service removes concerns


“The customer service is off the chart! I’m all about relationships and loyalty so if I have a really good relationship, I’ll stay because they make it easier for me to do my job.”
Lisa McMillan, Controller
Kane and Finkel Healthcare Communications


payroll success story

The people of Kane and Finkel understand the power of relationships.

That is why they appreciate the exceptional customer service they receive from Lyceum.

The Issue

Kane and Finkel is a full-service marketing agency specializing in pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, diagnostic, and consumer health industry sectors. The nature of their industry requires them to be cautious as they must continually keep all the regulations top of mind. As such, having a payroll partner who goes the extra mile to provide excellent customer service is a major bonus.

Lisa McMillan, Controller of Kane and Finkel, inherited the Lyceum solution. When she needed a special report, she turned to the Lyceum team and found she had inherited more than a payroll solution – she also inherited a team willing to go the extra mile.

The Remedy

Kane and Finkel underwent a 401k conversion that required specialized information in order to complete correctly. Lisa needed a report that would outline how many employees were contributing on a percentage basis and how many were contributing a dollar amount along with the amount. While the OneTouch Payroll™ solution comes with hundreds of reports, this particular information is not part of the normal report set. Lyceum developed and tested the report as requested and met the required deadlines.

On another occasion, one of the employees needed to have four months of commuter checks reimbursed. Again, the customer service team at Lyceum stepped up to help Lisa handle this unusual request. Here, Lyceum handled the refund of a pre-tax deduction using its automatic system calculation. No calculators were necessary. Lisa just ran the transaction using the correct amount and effective date.

The Outcome

After using the Lyceum product for almost 3 years, Lisa is very pleased with the results. The customer service team consisting of her dedicated representative Stephen and his backup Michael have consistently gone the extra mile to ensure that Kane and Finkel receive the highest levels of service and support.

Lisa now has the system aligned with her business processes so that payroll is handled quickly and efficiently. Whether she needed to add information to pay stubs or create a new report, Stephen worked side-by-side with Lisa to ensure a positive end result.

Highlights The Lyceum OneTouch Payroll™ solution delivers to Kane and Finkel:

  • Dedicated customer service representative
  • Custom reporting at no charge
  • Automatic retroactive payroll calculations
  • Consistently superior service level than ADP