Distributed staff needs paperless solution


“Lyceum’s OneTouch Payroll provided us with multiple major benefits – a great product with excellent functionality, wonderful people to work with, and affordable pricing.”
Therese Cosgrove, VP/ Controller
Gebco Insurance Associates


payroll success story

Gebco Insurance Associates wanted a self-service system to increase efficiencies.

They turned to Lyceum’s OneTouch Payroll™ for the solution.

The Issue

Gebco Insurance Associates is a non-standard insurance agency in that they sell policies to high-risk drivers. They needed a non-standard solution to help them resolve payroll issues; in particular, a system that allowed agents to input hours, check time sheets and view actual compensation information, without being able to modify hours recorded. And, with staff located in more than a dozen locations across the state, Gebco needed the solution to be online, so staff leave requests could be reviewed and approved by supervisors with one set of rules determined by the Administration. An online solution would be the best approach.

The existing payroll system did not provide an online component so Gebco began searching for a product that better filled their needs. What they found was that this seemingly simple system was not readily available. After shopping several payroll providers, Gebco was referred to Lyceum by another satisfied customer. Upon seeing the product demonstration, Therese Cosgrove, Vice President and Controller, knew she had found the right solution. Therese said, “When paper checks came I had to be there to distribute checks because they did not come in envelopes. By automating the system, I could focus on more important aspects.”

The Remedy

After meeting with Lyceum, Therese knew that OneTouch Payroll™ would fulfill their requirements. Agents will do most of the input through a telephone time capture system, and then supervisors had the ability to make timesheet corrections and adjustments (if any). Therese would spend her time performing the final audit.

Therese was also pleased that Lyceum would tailor the solution to better fit her organization and align with the existing business structure. Lyceum applied her leave accrual rules, tailored their 401k output including employer match and loans. And, their general ledger report matched Gebco’s journal entry. Another benefit for Gebco was the ability to go paperless and utilize direct deposit.

Gebco has a large portion of employees on hourly wages requiring overtime and local tax calculations based on zip code. Additionally, since the agents are the sales people of the organization, Gebco has multiple contests as well as individual incentives to pay each period. Lyceum stepped up to the challenge and tailored the OneTouch Payroll solution to fit the agency’s varying compensation needs.

The Outcome

Now Gebco has multiple people involved in their payroll process, with the right levels of control, removing the fear of confidential information being shared. The payroll system is all electronic and can be accessed from anywhere, 24 by 7.

With the ability to go paperless and provide access to employees, Therese Cosgrove and her team are more efficient. The organization stays agile and now has a payroll system that aligns with their business requirements.

Highlights The Lyceum OneTouch Payroll™ solution helps Gebco Insurance:

  • Bring real-time and historical information to employees
  • Move leave requests and timesheets online
  • Empower supervisors by giving them review and approval rights
  • Offload Pay Administrators from performing manual tasks
  • Automate 401k and G/L (journal entry) creation
  • Deliver quarterly returns in minutes
  • Establish the right levels of control
  • Align the solution to their specific needs