Switching to Lyceum

switching payroll providers


“The people at Lyceum are very, very good at what they do. They were great about tailoring the product to better support our agency. OneTouch Payroll is an effective product for a reasonable price that truly supports our business needs.”
Therese Cosgrove, VP/ Controller
Gebco Insurance Associates


No need to worry.

We handle all the details.


Will you be up and running quickly? How will I know the payroll will be correct? How much of my effort is required to make the transition to their system? Will employees get paid on-time? The hardest parts about changing payroll providers are the unknowns. That’s why we’ve spent years perfecting our client onboarding process. We’ve got it down to a science!

At Lyceum, we take the worry out of switching payroll systems. Our implementation specialists handle all the details for you, with minimal effort for you and minimum disruption to your colleagues and staff. We are so certain our implementation specialists will take care of you, that our clients receive our guarantee to complete the change within 30 days!

Our 30-day activation process begins with a thorough one hour interview that includes:

  • Collecting your current payroll reports
  • Completion of an employee payroll census
  • Agreement on the desired 1st payroll schedule

Then the 30-day clock begins! From that point you can expect the following:

  • Building your payroll system
  • Running a parallel/test payroll to verify the calculations
  • Reviewing preliminary payroll reports
  • Approving pay calculations
  • Completing a 1-hour system training
  • Running your first payroll

To speak with a knowledgeable representative about getting started, call us at (866) 459-2386 or request a meeting.