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Personalized Solutions

to Transform Your Business

Our dedication to excellent service begins with an understanding of your business. By aligning our solution to the way you do business, you save time, automate paper processes, and increase productivity.

Because productivity needs support, we provide you with a dedicated payroll representative who gets to know you. This expert provides answers to even the most difficult question, going beyond the basic Q&A. You will receive customer service that improves your employee programs and payroll processes.

Lyceum spends 25% of our revenue on R&D. We think you should know this because it directly impacts the quality of technology and solutions that we provide. You receive robust product at affordable prices. As a customer you will receive per month per employee pricing without hidden fees or consulting charges.

The result is a partner providing personalized solutions that transform your business. Your focus is then on strategic needs: improving morale, retaining key talent and analyzing performance indicators. You take care of your company’s employee services and we take care of the rest.

Why Us?

personalized payroll solutionsPersonalized Solutions

Through engagement meetings, flexible technology and support staff dedicated to your organization, we ensure that your solution addresses the challenges of your business, and adds value to your organization.

payroll providersReputable Partners

With well-known organizations like Skype, YMCA, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and many more, we have proven our ability to address and support the most stringent requirements of our clients. Contact us to learn how.

payroll provider resultsOutstanding Results

Our SaaS solution is fully compliant with laws and regulations and accurate in its calculations. So accurate that we guarantee to pay any tax penalties due to our error.

payroll recordkeepingStandardize Recordkeeping

All data, transactions and information is stored forever. This makes for worry-free audits and easily accessible information.

reduce payroll errorsReduce Errors

By tailoring the solution to your operation and rules, the Lyceum tool is completely adapted to your environment. Reports are ready at the press of a button. No more fiddling with spreadsheets or rekeying to get the data you need.

streamline payroll processesStreamline Processes

With integrated time & attendance and leave requests with online review/approval (workflow), our advanced solutions can automate your paper process. Time worked can be immediately integrated into payroll and made visible on employee timesheets.

payroll guessworkRemove Guesswork

Through system-generated output files for benefit premiums, 401k/403b, General Ledger, benefit census, labor allocation and other reports, you can rest assured that the numbers reconcile.

payroll expensesImprove Profitability

Let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to processing payroll. You focus on the big picture of running your business while we concentrate on getting the details right.

increase employee moraleIncrease Morale

You focus on your business and your employees. We provide the information for you to analyze, process and report. You'll be empowered to create employee services that build morale, rather than spending time on data processing and building reports.

quality payroll solutionsDeliver Quality

Our systems process thousands of transactions and move billions of dollars for hundreds of clients annually. Get a payroll processing partner you can trust. Switch to Lyceum.