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Finally, a simple solution for managing employee benefits, payroll and time-tracking. Fully-integrated and truly paperless!


People, Not Paper

That is why we developed OneTouch Payroll with BenAdmin™. It’s a single, simple solution with all the features you need to reduce your workload, manage compliance, control costs, communicate information and increase employee satisfaction.

Transform your day with this completely paperless solution for benefits administration, integrated with payroll, time tracking, leave and other critical functions.

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Go Paperless

OneTouch provides a comprehensive solution that ensures compliance and reduces errors. From new hire to open enrollment, to life events and termination, OneTouch is completely paperless.

Save Time

Integration of key functions delivers 360 degrees of benefits administration support. Automatic forms, benefit eligibility, enrollment, premium computation, and carrier updates. Integrated functions that ease your workload.

Save Money

Process improvements to operational functions and information that improves morale. Eliminate time-consuming manual processes for every new hire and employee change, saving time and money.

And Much More...

From payroll integration, premium calculation, bill reconciliation and reporting, modernize your approach to benefits administration and save big!


Go Paperless

Simple to use while providing powerful results, OneTouch Payroll with BenAdmin™ is built for those who want to offload repetitive benefits tasks allowing you more time to help your organization grow.

User-Initiated Events

OneTouch guides users to submit complete requests for changes due to qualifying events, new hire and open enrollment.

Online Review

OneTouch routes all submissions to HR/Benefits staff for review, approval or return for correction. Once approved, changes are recorded in electronic employee files and payroll is updated automatically.

Insurance Carriers Updated

OneTouch routes all approvals to your broker and insurance carriers to maintain 100% synchronization. No more census, reconciliation or billing issues.

Save Time

Maximize productivity, eliminate errors and reduce complications with benefits administration. OneTouch Payroll with BenAdmin™ is built for those who want to focus on more strategic functions by offloading repetitive tasks.

All Functions Integrated

Reduce mundane tasks from your workload with a single system that integrates new hire, open enrollment, qualifying events and termination.  Have important information such as employee census, premium summary, and deduction detail reports at your fingertips. Integrated functions = Time saved!

Capture ALL Required
Benefit Data

Gone are incomplete forms, illegible forms, lack of supporting documentation, unclear benefit elections, and incorrect data on forms. OneTouch guides users to submit complete requests. All information is organized, visible, and stored online.

All Systems Synchronized

Online changes approved in OneTouch are automatically applied to payroll, update the HR system, and sent to the carriers. No more rekeying.  It’s all unified and consistent.

Save Money

Maximize productivity while massively reducing errors. Never again are ineligible participants going to be enrolled in the plan. Get rid of those annoying paper enrollment forms. Reduce the number of hours required for open enrollment. Automate functions with OneTouch; never have to enter data into another carrier system.

The Right People in the Plan

OneTouch enrollment wizards provide all key information for the right plans to plan-eligible employees. Online user screens (wizards) ensure that all required questions are asked and answered before enrollment and changes are allowed to proceed. Never pay for ineligible plan participants again.

No More Paper Form$

Processing paper drives cost. For every new hire, qualifying event and open enrollment change, employees spend hours writing information on documents.  And then HR spends time transcribing to HR/payroll systems, spreadsheets, and eventually into carrier systems. Moving all that data capture online saves time and money!

100% Accuracy...with Proof

From enrollment to deductions to premiums, getting the numbers right from period to period can be difficult with all the changes. Not with OneTouch. Because OneTouch integrates benefits with payroll with HR and with time and attendance, its calculations are always accurate. And always current.

And More!

Paperless, fully integrated systems that eliminate time-consuming tasks are needed by HR, payroll, and benefits administrators. And that’s exactly what OneTouch delivers. It’s time to stop repeating mundane tasks. Step up to a simplified way of managing payroll and benefits administration. People centric. Transformative results.

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