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“We are not the average employer. The nature of our business requires we accommodate a variety of employee types in order to keep our multiple programs running. Lyceum’s excellent customer service, can-do attitude, and easy-to-use payroll system fulfilled our needs. We know we can count on them.”
Ruth E. Carski, CFO
JCC of Greater Washington


A Tailored Solution


Continued growth means partnering with organizations committed to your success. It also means finding cost effective solutions robust enough to support your varied needs. Our OneTouch Payroll™ Solutions give you the multitude of functions you require today while growing with you by seamlessly integrating payroll-related solutions when you need them.

The OneTouch Payroll™ also seamlessly integrates with other vendors, thus removing the pain caused by multi-vendor environments. So, you realize continuous cost savings. OneTouch Solutions were developed by the people at Lyceum – the technology and service experts behind payroll/HR/BenAdmin departments of our clients.

In addition, we ensure your OneTouch system is implemented within 30 days or you receive a full 2 months of service for free. Just one more way we show our commitment to your payroll success.

Key Value Provided:  

Hosted technology provides constant access
Seamless integration with other important employee systems
Standardized management reporting for improved communication
Continuous compliance; all taxes are filed in a timely manner
Improved bottom line profitability

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